The question is very interesting, and at the end we will analyze these two services. But first let’s draw an inspiration for analyzing a wider range of services with which you might have worked before, and understand how to orient ourselves in this world by choosing the right option in the end.


Web Hosting Services

The services that will remain in spotlight throughout this article are: Hostgator, Bluehost, JustHost and Wp-Engine. As far as experts are concerned Hostgator, Justhost and Bluehost are currently some of the best services in the market, and to tell you a secret, contrary to what is believed, all divisions of the Endurance International Group and Services are owned by the same company. Surprised! To be frank, Wp-Engine is not generally recommended by the experts as you cannot buy domains through this service provider. Basically, Wp-Engine provides only the server and a service of CDN (content delivery network) that allows you to make the system extremely fast and efficiently from anywhere in the world to be visited.

The article also will do an analysis on the conviction that why Hostgator is cheaper than Bluehost. We will see that Hostgator is more efficient than Bluehost and costs less, although often believed otherwise. However, Bluehost also offers cheaper but not recommend by the masses, why, we’ll see. You can evaluate yourself how good is bluehost by reading the comparison mentioned below. You can also buy Bluehost using a special discount. You can get bluehost coupons from and then you can enjoy the benefits of it.

HostGator vs Bluehost

HostGator Vs. Bluehost: Which Should be Your Choice?”, it’s the question that needs to be answered, so it’s better to raise the curtains and declare the verdict, and it goes to the Hostgator web hosting services for the best value price/quality. Let’s now see them point by point, and then you can evaluate the stats yourself too. You can also read in detail about hostgator review which will help you to know in details about everything.

Analysis b/w Bluehost and HostGator

Let us return instead to the two strong contenders under analysis, Hostgator and Bluehost.

Starting from the purchase of domain to the installation of website, Hostgator and Bluehost follow the same procedure; however, because Hostgator offers cPanel as management panel, most of the professionals prefer Hostgator.

That, however, is a little misleading that Hostgator apparently seems cheaper than Bluehost because he has an offer about a dollar less per month, which is $ 12 a year. This is not the proper evaluation. The offer Bluehost provides incorporates infinite domains, while on the other side the so-called economic Hostgator provides for just a single domain.

If we compare the Hostgator’s offer for infinite domains, we see that it is virtually the same as Bluehost, though slightly more expensive, but for a few dollars. Moreover, if we look at the table of the services offered by Hostgator, it has a little upper edge over Bluehost.


However, now that we understand the characteristics that Bluehost offers and those of hostgator, compare the two offers.

Firstly, Bluehost does not offer a single domain, so if you want to spend as little as possible Hostgator offers a better price, but remember that in case you need to buy one or more domains in the future, then prices double every time, and having multiple domains is something that always happens, think twice.